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4 Ways The Right Social Media Tools Can Save You Time, Money


Having a robust social media presence has become essential for any independent DIY artist, but trying to be on all of them can be a taxing drain on already precious time and energy. Here we look at how to to use social media strategically in order to see the maximum return on investment. Guest post […]

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How To Promote Music On Spotify Using ‘Behind The Scenes’ Playlists and Commentary Tracks

CD Baby’s Chris Robley shares a seldom used strategy to promote music on Spotify and other streaming services: the recording and sharing of commentary tracks in a ‘behind the scenes’ playlist.   Guest post by Chris Robley of CD Baby’s DIY Musician Give your fans on Spotify a glimpse behind the curtain with “bonus content” playlists. This year marks […]

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3 Pillars Of A Successful Artist Brand


While some artists may be uncomfortable with the notion, an artist is a brand whether they like it or not. Outlined here are the three main pillars which can make or break the success of any given artist’s brand. Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 One of the problems with the process of developing an artist […]

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5 Bad Habits That Songwriters With Home Studios Need To Quit


If you’re reading this, you’re probably a songwriter, musician or producer with a home studio. But let me guess, you don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done and, as a result, your songwriting has suffered. Right? Being aware of our bad habits can bring about change and get us […]

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Stage To Studio: How To Adapt Vocals For Recording


Singing live and singing in the studio can sometimes be two very different animals, and switching from the stage to the recording booth can often require a certain level of adaption on the part of the performer. Here we look at how to make that process happen more smoothly. Guest post by Sabrina Bucknole of the TuneCore Blog [Editors Note: This […]

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Next Big Sound Adds Social Media and Streaming Data Notifications


The sheer quantity of noise on social media can make effective data tracking a challenge for any artist or manager, and keeping handle on it can often seem like a full time job. Here we look at how to set up a notification system that allows you to avoid missing anything on your social media […]

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6 Ways To Use Storytelling As A Musician (That Have Nothing To Do With Lyrics)


Songs have been a storytelling medium for as long as they’ve existed, but too often artists have restricted this to their lyrics. In this article we look at six ways artists can help to communicate a narrative to their audience outside of lyrics. Guest post by Allison Johnelle Boron of the Reverbnation Blog Songs have told stories from […]

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Instagram Adds “Go LIVE With A Friend” And It’s Perfect For Direct Artist To Fan Engagement


Instagram has added the ability to add a guest to a live stream; and it provides the perfect free platform for direct artist to fan engagement. “Go LIVE With A Friend” launches today for some and will rollout globally to all Instagram users in the coming months.  Instagram had added “Go LIVE With A Friend.” […]

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Great Instagram Practices For Indie Artists


While the importance of Instagram can be elusive or confusing for some, the platform relevance in the music industry is undeniable. Using the platform effectively can be a challenge for many indie artists, so we here look at some of the best practices to employ in order to get the most out of the platform. […]

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Getting Useful Feedback On Your Music


Guest Post By: ALEX COWLES Everybody wants to get feedback on their music, especially when they’re just getting to grips with their production career. One of the most disheartening things to get back when you send off a track is ‘not for me’. It’s vague, useless as feedback and at best shows a lack of interest. […]