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How to legally post a cover song video on YouTube.


Posting Cover Songs on YouTube: Music Video Licensing Explained Guest Post By Chris Robley  Cover song videos are hugely popular on YouTube, and making a cover song video is one of the most proven ways to get new listeners and viewers to check out your other songs, including your original material. So let’s say you’ve recorded […]

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Got Gear And Skills? 8 Ways Musicians Can Make Money With Them [INFOGRAPHIC]


This infographic originally appeared on the Home Studio Maven blog. If you haven’t made it big with your music yet but you’ve picked up some gear and some skills why not put them to other uses? Using the resources you already have you could create an additional income stream. Sure, it will take a bit of extra […]

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Streaming services are dominating the way Americans listen to music

One chart shows how streaming services are dominating the way Americans listen to music Via Business Insider Music streaming is winning because of convenience. To put the shift into perspective: Americans logged 284.7 billion on-demand music streams (be it audio or video) in the first six months of 2017, according to recent Nielsen data. If you […]