CCA’s New Music & Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program Moves Forward!

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albums-michael-pickering-musicIt’s All About MEE!

It is with great enthusiasm, pleasure, thanksgiving, and gratitude that I can share with you the following news. This morning, the Colorado State Faculty Curriculum Committee (SFCC) unanimously moved to approve all seven newly authored music courses for the new Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program (MEE) at the Community College of Aurora.

The Courses Are:

1. MUS 107 Entrepreneurial Artistry Development for Musicians – NEW COURSE
3. MUS 169 Project Management for Musicians – NEW COURSE
4. MUS 260 Business of Live Music Performance – NEW COURSE
5. MUS 262 Developing a Producer’s Ear – NEW COURSE
6. MUS 263 Music Publishing – NEW COURSE
7. MUS 267 Music Marketing Strategies – NEW COURSE

I am so very grateful for the expert guidance, advice, support and encouragement I’ve received along this journey from Ted Snow, Lynette Jachowicz, Debra Throgmorton, Tricia Johnson, Jennifer Harrell, Beth Lattone, the CCA Curriculum Committee, the SFCC, and our President’s Office. (This is beginning to sound like a thank you speech to the Academy!) Nonetheless, I am very grateful.

There are still a few steps to complete before the Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program will be fully up and running, but I am confident. This Inclusive, CTE, practical, and relevant approach to music education, designed around student desire, industry need, and unprecedented historical entrepreneurial industry opportunity will benefit and equip our music students in ways beyond all we might imagine. My heart’s desire is in complete alignment with CCA’s mission that “Every Student Succeeds!”

The initial MEE offering will comprise three certificates and two AAS degree options. Additionally, students participating in the MEE Music Producer’s Certificate will also have the option to earn AVID Pro Tools professional certifications.

This Fall at CCA

cca-michael-pickering-musicWhile moving forward with full MEE program rollout, I am currently offering two new courses this Fall. These courses are Music Business I, and Music Audio Production I. The Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship program is a career and technical,  interdisciplinary approach to music education. It is inclusive, practical, relevant, contemporary, and fun! Most importantly, it will help students to take full advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities present in today’s rapidly evolving music industry. I honestly believe we are in one of the best times in history to be able to make a living making music. MEE will provide the tools, planning, and network building for success.

If you would like more information about the program please contact me:

Michael Pickering

Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program Director

Community College of Aurora | 16000 East CentreTech Parkway | Aurora, CO | 80011


 We’re paving pathways to the future – for our students, our community, and our college. – Michael Pickering