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Why Every Musician Should Be Playing More House Concerts

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While the dream of many aspiring musicians may be playing a packed stadium, getting to that point is a lengthy process, and playing any official venue, even a small one, has countless other expenses and challenges built in, one of the many reasons a house concert can seem so appealing. Guest post from the ReverbNation Blog […]

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Guide To Livestreaming Your Concert or Event On YouTube


With live video now functioning as an established and important component of event marketing, more attendees now expect livestreaming to be available at major functions, and platforms like YouTube Live make it easy to do –  especially with a little help from us. Guest post by Rachel Grate of Eventbrite Live video has truly come into its own […]

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Vivian Campbell Shares Upside Of Music Piracy For Def Leppard


Coming off a long summer of touring, Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell here weighs in on his twenty-five years in the group, what the experience has been like, and what the band has described as an ‘upside’ to music piracy. Guest post by Shivani Patel om the SymphonicBlog It’s now been 25 years since Vivian Campbell joined Def Leppard, stepping in […]

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3 Positive Ways To Use Community Involvement To Boost A Career In Music


Having a strong community connection at your back can do wonders for bolstering your career in the music business. Here we specifically look at the power of local community, whether its a tiny town or a major city, and how to take advantage of the opportunities right in front of you. Guest post by Angela Mastrogiacomo of […]

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How College Students Discover and Consume Music


College is where we form lifelong listening habits, so the battle for collegiate ears is an important one. Yesterday, Spotify announced a premium bundle with Hulu for students at just $4.99 to drive sign-ups. Allison Ullrich, Manager, College & Lifestyle Marketing at The Orchard shares key insights into the listening habits of this key demographic. Guest Post […]

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Stage To Studio: How To Adapt Vocals For Recording


Singing live and singing in the studio can sometimes be two very different animals, and switching from the stage to the recording booth can often require a certain level of adaption on the part of the performer. Here we look at how to make that process happen more smoothly. Guest post by Sabrina Bucknole of the TuneCore Blog [Editors Note: This […]

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6 Ways To Use Storytelling As A Musician (That Have Nothing To Do With Lyrics)


Songs have been a storytelling medium for as long as they’ve existed, but too often artists have restricted this to their lyrics. In this article we look at six ways artists can help to communicate a narrative to their audience outside of lyrics. Guest post by Allison Johnelle Boron of the Reverbnation Blog Songs have told stories from […]

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How To Make A Good Show A Great One


Once you’ve been playing shows for awhile and have begun to see some real success and interest form your audience, it’s time to consider stepping it up and moving to the next level. Here we look at some ways in which you can transform your good live show into something great. You and your band […]

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New Music Degrees and Certificates at CCA

This past Friday, August 25, 2017 was an extraordinary day. This day marked my 2nd anniversary working at the Community College of Aurora in Aurora, CO. On this day, our esteemed Curriculum Committee approved my first two Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program CTE Certificates and A.A.S. Degrees: Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program (MEE) Initial Certificates […]

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5 Unexpected Cities Seeing A Live Music Renaissance


As the popularity of live music continues to grow in expected places like New York and Los Angeles, smaller less likely seeming cities are also seeing a dramatic spike in their live music markets. Here we look at five such dark horses of the live music industry Guest post by Rachel Grate of Eventbrite Live music is a […]