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For Up-And-Coming Musicians, NPR’s Tiny Desk Can Be As Much Of A Boost As Late-Night TV


While being able to showcase their talents on late night TV has typically been the best launching pad for artists, but it seems a new venue for such jumpstarts to success has been found in the intimate setting of an NPR studio, or so the numbers would suggest. _____________________________ Guest post by Emily Blake of Next Big Sound […]

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An Evolved Music Industry Is Finally Embracing The Value Of Meaningful Relationships


Stephen Love explains the motivation behind the creation of Socially Driven Music, a reinvention of the global music industry, and how it works to combine evolving technology and social relationships within the music business.   __________________________ Guest post by Stephen Love of Socially Driven Music Everyone loves music. Most people have felt the emotion and visceral reaction to […]

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9 Ways to Get More Fans on Your Mailing List


Guest post by Lisa Occhino If you do some quick research on how to get more music fans, you’ll find plenty of suggestions for getting your name out there and getting heard. But once you’ve captured someone’s attention, how do you keep it? Email marketing is the most reliable way to communicate with your fans, strengthen your relationship with […]