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DIY – PR Tips For Musicians, Bands

Without the financial resources available to spend major cash on your PR, DIY promotion on next-to-no budget presents a significant obstacle to artists. Here we look at some helpful tips for artists and bands to help them better overcome said obstacle. Guest post by Zac of ZingInstruments As a musician or band without the funds for an agent […]

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Get Familiar With YouTube’s New Monetization Icons


In recent month YouTube has begun putting in place a new set of guidelines and controls to give advertisers more control and awareness surrounding where there ads are placed. This change is designed to recover advertisers’ trust following the placement of their ads overtop of inappropriate and/or hateful videos, and it seems, thus far, to […]

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New Spotify, Apple Music, Hulu and Label Deals Mean Musicians Will Be Paid Less


New deals between the major labels and the streaming music services, alongside the introduction of deeply discounted streaming bundles, may eventually move more mainstream consumers from free users to paying customers. But the short and medium effect is less money for many artists and perhaps the labels that signed these agreements.  The major labels have […]

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New Music Degrees and Certificates at CCA

This past Friday, August 25, 2017 was an extraordinary day. This day marked my 2nd anniversary working at the Community College of Aurora in Aurora, CO. On this day, our esteemed Curriculum Committee approved my first two Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program CTE Certificates and A.A.S. Degrees: Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program (MEE) Initial Certificates […]

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The Indie Musician’s Guide To Digital Distribution


Guest Post By Budi Voogt, founder of Heroic Recordings, artist manager and author of The SoundCloud Bible. This article will help you overcome the difficult subject that is digital music distribution. Want to know how to choose from the great amount of different distributors, figure out which one is best for you and make sure that […]

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7 Essential Clauses In An Artist Management Deal


One of the most important relationships in music is between the artist and his or her manager. The manager’s specific role will depend on the manager and band, but generally the manager advises and directs the artist in connection with all matters relating to the artist’s professional career in the entertainment industry. That’s pretty broad. […]

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BMG Launches Royalty Tracking App


BMG has partnered with a team of their songwriter clients to launch a new app to provide artists and rightsholders with up-to-date worldwide information on the value and source of their income from their music. Guest Post via Celebrity Access The new app, connected to BMG’s royalties portal MyBMG, is based on the latest MyBMG 3.0 web […]

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A Mini Finance Guide For Indie Musicians


  Whether you’re just getting into the industry or have been at it for a while, chances are good that you’ll run into some challenges funding your career. Here we look at a mini-guide on how to better steer your finances.   Guest post by Michelle Aguilar of the TuneCore Blog [Editors Note: This blog article was written by Michelle […]

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How A Full-time Solo Pianist Made A Living Via Streaming Royalties


Here Michele McLaughlin, a full time solo pianist explains how she has been able to successfully earn a living from the royalties earned through the streaming of her music. Here Chris Robley chats with her about the opportunities her music has found on streaming platforms. Guest post by Chris Robley of DIY Musician I remember as a kid, […]

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10 Record Deal Red Flags


When a band receives their first record deal, there’s a sense of accomplishment. Someone likes me! Where do I sign? Before signing a contract with a label, it’s important to understand what you’re signing. When I’m reviewing a record label agreement for an artist, it’s not uncommon for there to be a number of “red […]