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CCA’s New Music & Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program Moves Forward!


It’s All About MEE! It is with great enthusiasm, pleasure, thanksgiving, and gratitude that I can share with you the following news. This morning, the Colorado State Faculty Curriculum Committee (SFCC) unanimously moved to approve all seven newly authored music courses for the new Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program (MEE) at the Community College of […]

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How A Full-time Solo Pianist Made A Living Via Streaming Royalties


Here Michele McLaughlin, a full time solo pianist explains how she has been able to successfully earn a living from the royalties earned through the streaming of her music. Here Chris Robley chats with her about the opportunities her music has found on streaming platforms. Guest post by Chris Robley of DIY Musician I remember as a kid, […]

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Building A Music Content Pipeline: How To Be Prepared For Anything


In this article Kendra Gaines walks readers through why artists ought to be building content pipelines, why it is that they work, and how to better organize your creative life and content output to capitalize on their use. Guest post by Kendra Gaines on the TuneCore Blog. Kendra is a digital music marketing fiend. ‘Like’ her Facebook page, Easy Music Promo for more. […]

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Prince Gets His Own Official Shade Of Purple

The Prince Estate and Pantone, the global arbiter of color, have announced the creation of a standardized custom color to represent and honor the music icom  Unsurprisingly its a purple hue, represented by Prince’s “Love Symbol #2” (left) and inspired by his custom-made Yamaha purple piano. _____________________________________ A new color pays tribute to Prince’s indelible […]

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21st Century Marketing Restriction: No AI Licensing 


Besides deciding on revenue, marketing restrictions are one of the most important aspects of recording artist negotiations, but the rise of artificial intelligence is adding a new component to the restrictions, something artists should keep in mind moving forward, writes Chris Castle _________________________ Guest post by Chris Castle of Artist Rights Watch After the money, one of the […]

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Negotiating A Music Producer Agreement: 7 Key Issues


Whether you’re a music producer, or a performing artist working with a producer, it’s important to discuss the terms of your arrangement with each other. While it’s better late than never to formalize the artist-producer relationship, it’s easier to start the conversation before heading into the studio, and much easier before the music generates interest […]

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Tips For Getting A Sync Placement


When it comes to negotiating a sync deal for your music, composing pitch emails requires massive effort and can often be frustratingly fruitless. Here we look at a few tips on how to set yourself up to receive a ‘yes’ from such negotiations. ____________________________ Guest post by Shivani Patel of the Symphonic Blog Writing pitch emails take a lot work […]

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Why You Need To Treat A Band Like A Startup


Here John O’Connor explores the parallels between a startup and a band in its infancy, explaining why many of the same principles which govern a successful startup and allow it successfully get off the ground can be applied with equal success to a band. Guest post by John O’Connor of DIY Musician Amazon. Google. CCR. Nirvana. Besides their […]

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How To Get A Job At Spotify


Spotify hires about 1000 new workers each year; and CEO Daniel Ek says that he’s asked how to get a job at the music streamer so often that he tasked the Human Resources Department to write a guide, “How To Get A Job At Spotify”.      Would you like to be a Spotifier? There […]

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5 Ways Of Giving Back Through Music


The positive impact that music can have has by this point been widely acknowledged, but less often discussed are the ways in which people can give back through music that which they have gained from it. Here we look at five music-centric organizations which are always looking for extra help. Guest post by Jhoni Jackson of the ReverbNation […]