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Record Labels Are (Kind Of) Dead. Long Live Label Services!


As the role and relevance of record labels has changed over time, new opportunities have also emerged in the music business, something which these two ex-major label guys are using to their advantage – and helping out their clients in any way they can along the way. Guest post by Glenn Peoples, Music Insights and Analytics […]

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Austin Welcomes New Short Run Vinyl Pressing Plant

Further evidence that the return of vinyl is as strong as ever, the city of Austin will soon see a new vinyl pressing plant known as Gold Rush Vinyl – this is good news for indie acts who often have lengthy waits when ordering their music on vinyl. Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 I guess […]

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CCA’s New Music & Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program Moves Forward!


It’s All About MEE! It is with great enthusiasm, pleasure, thanksgiving, and gratitude that I can share with you the following news. This morning, the Colorado State Faculty Curriculum Committee (SFCC) unanimously moved to approve all seven newly authored music courses for the new Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship Program (MEE) at the Community College of […]

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7 Ways To Actually Enjoy Putting Out Your Album


While an important component of most artists’ musical career, releasing an album can be arduous and time consuming process, and with the wrong attitude it can become fairly miserable fairly quickly. Here we look at seven ways in which artists can make the launch process that much more fun. _____________________________ Guest post by indie emcee Epiphany […]

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Should Musicians Even Bother Making Albums?


Like it or not, we live in a singles driven music industry. A recent half-year report from Nielsen revealed that album consumption has taken a dramatic hit over the past six months, even for the industry’s stars. So, should you even bother “making” an album? ________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 We now live in […]

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The Hard Truth About Microphones & Preamps


This Opinion piece was originally posted by Dan Cooper – Pro Tools Expert It’s a great reminder of what truly matters when producing music. When we create Pro Tools Expert review or tutorial videos we often feature songs we produced with our clients. In a handful of recent plug-in videos I featured songs that I produced […]

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21st Century Marketing Restriction: No AI Licensing 


Besides deciding on revenue, marketing restrictions are one of the most important aspects of recording artist negotiations, but the rise of artificial intelligence is adding a new component to the restrictions, something artists should keep in mind moving forward, writes Chris Castle _________________________ Guest post by Chris Castle of Artist Rights Watch After the money, one of the […]

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Why You Need To Treat A Band Like A Startup


Here John O’Connor explores the parallels between a startup and a band in its infancy, explaining why many of the same principles which govern a successful startup and allow it successfully get off the ground can be applied with equal success to a band. Guest post by John O’Connor of DIY Musician Amazon. Google. CCR. Nirvana. Besides their […]

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Looplabs Cloud Based Music Studio


Today, Looplabs, a cloud based music studio that has already attracted 350,000 users, makes THE PITCH. As with other startups in this ongoing series, we’ve given them 100 words to convince you of their worthiness. What do you think of Looplabs? The pitch via Hypebot: ______________________________________ LOOPHOLES Looplabs is a free, collaborative cloud based music […]

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4 Good Reasons For Hanging Your Microphone Upside Down

Frank Sinatra Recording Session

Here’s a cool little recording tidbit courtesy of Bobby Owsinksi Everyone has seen the photos of the vintage large-diaphragm tube microphone hanging upside down in front of the vocalist like on this famous photo on the left, and while it looks very cool, there really was a method to the madness for placing it like […]