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Billboard Has NOT Decided To Include YouTube Plays In Chart Calculations [UPDATE]


Despite a widely circulated report that YouTube plays would be added to Billboard’s chart calculations, no firm decision has been made, industry sources tell Hypebot. In fact, given the backlash, it may not happen at all. A reported decision to add YouTube plays, including user generated videos, to Billboard’s chart calculations, drew heavy backlash yesterday from […]

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8 Creative Techniques For Promoting Your Music On Spotify

As Spotify continues to gain popularity among music consumers, it has become an important platform from which artists market and share their music. Here we look at eight creative ways artists can promote their music on the streaming service. Guest post by Ta’Rikah Jones of the Symphonic Blog Spotify is becoming increasingly popular among streaming users. We’ve discovered […]

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New Spotify Songwriter Lawsuits, Legal Filings Threaten Streaming Driven Music Industry Recovery


The recorded music industry is in the midst of a renaissance thanks to revenue from a single source – streaming. But a growing string of lawsuits filed by songwriters and publishers, and an aggressive new legal tactic by Spotify, threatens the company’s pending IPO and could derail the industry’s delicate recovery. Over the last year, […]

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Austin Welcomes New Short Run Vinyl Pressing Plant

Further evidence that the return of vinyl is as strong as ever, the city of Austin will soon see a new vinyl pressing plant known as Gold Rush Vinyl – this is good news for indie acts who often have lengthy waits when ordering their music on vinyl. Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 I guess […]

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How College Students Discover and Consume Music


College is where we form lifelong listening habits, so the battle for collegiate ears is an important one. Yesterday, Spotify announced a premium bundle with Hulu for students at just $4.99 to drive sign-ups. Allison Ullrich, Manager, College & Lifestyle Marketing at The Orchard shares key insights into the listening habits of this key demographic. Guest Post […]

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Spotify Decides That Streaming Does Not Equal Reproduction, Distribution


Today’s music industry is the Wild, Wild, West and nowhere is this seen more evidently than with respect to new challenges to old copyright laws. In what is turning into a defining battle with rightsholders, Spotify is now arguing that streaming is not the same as either reproduction or distribution and therefore not subject to […]

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Ahead Of iPhone 8 Announcement, Apple Music Finally Gains Traction With iOS Users


Music Watch and Hypebot will be covering next Tuesday’s iPhone 8 announcement live on Twitter, even though the rumors we’re hearing about Apple Music and iTunes announcements seem fairly minor.  But whatever is revealed next week it clear that Apple’s music streamer is finally gaining traction with its core audience.   By analyst Russ Crupnick of MusicWatch September 12 […]

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Next Big Sound Adds Social Media and Streaming Data Notifications


The sheer quantity of noise on social media can make effective data tracking a challenge for any artist or manager, and keeping handle on it can often seem like a full time job. Here we look at how to set up a notification system that allows you to avoid missing anything on your social media […]

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Get Familiar With YouTube’s New Monetization Icons


In recent month YouTube has begun putting in place a new set of guidelines and controls to give advertisers more control and awareness surrounding where there ads are placed. This change is designed to recover advertisers’ trust following the placement of their ads overtop of inappropriate and/or hateful videos, and it seems, thus far, to […]

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How To Make A Good Show A Great One


Once you’ve been playing shows for awhile and have begun to see some real success and interest form your audience, it’s time to consider stepping it up and moving to the next level. Here we look at some ways in which you can transform your good live show into something great. You and your band […]