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The Indie Musician’s Guide To Digital Distribution


Guest Post By Budi Voogt, founder of Heroic Recordings, artist manager and author of The SoundCloud Bible. This article will help you overcome the difficult subject that is digital music distribution. Want to know how to choose from the great amount of different distributors, figure out which one is best for you and make sure that […]

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Music Pushes to Innovate Beyond Streaming, But Investors Play It Safe: Analysis


Guest Post By Cherie Hu | July 24, 2017 11:58 AM EDT Getty Images Taking a look at the gap between music accelerators and venture capitalists in 2017. If you’re confused about how exactly music tech is doing in 2017, I don’t blame you. On one hand, some previously dominant music-tech stars are falling prey to money […]

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‘Great Step Forward’: Industry Reacts as Congress Seeks to Fix Copyright Law Benefiting SiriusXM

(Billboard) BY STEVE KNOPPER: For the last several years, the music business has been unified over one thing: SiriusXM and other digital-radio services must pay royalties for recordings made before 1972. So, record executives are thrilled about new bipartisan legislation, introduced in Congress late Wednesday, that would “provide federal protection to the digital audio transmission […]