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YouTube To Assign ISNI IDs To All Musicians, Songwriters

YouTube ISNI IDs

YouTube has signed on to the global International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) initiative which assigns an ID to every creator, It is designed to make identification and therefore payments more accurate. YouTube is the first ISNI registration agency in the music space. YouTube has become a Registration Agency for the International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI), the […]

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YouTube Moves All Subscribers To Official Artist Channels

YouTube for Artists Official Channels

YouTube launched Official Artist Channels last year to make it easier for fans to find content from their favorite artists by uniting official videos, live performances, individual songs and albums all under one channel. YouTube has now announced the mandatory consolidation of all an artist’s subscribers under an Official Artist Channel. If a fan is subscribed to […]

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Streaming Music Payment Rates Drop 9%, Apple Music Gains

Logos of streaming music providers

Musician and artists advocate David Lowery has been sharing an analysis of the streaming royalties that he receives as the principle songwriter and leader of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven since 2014.  Every year they offer an important snapshot of trends that effect all artists and rightsholders. Guest Post By David Lowery of The Trichordist   We first did […]

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8 Creative Techniques For Promoting Your Music On Spotify

As Spotify continues to gain popularity among music consumers, it has become an important platform from which artists market and share their music. Here we look at eight creative ways artists can promote their music on the streaming service. Guest post by Ta’Rikah Jones of the Symphonic Blog Spotify is becoming increasingly popular among streaming users. We’ve discovered […]

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Apple Music Now Has “Well Over 30 Million” Subscribers


Apple Music has “well over” 30 million subscribers, executives Jimmy Iovine, Zane Lowe, and Larry Jackson told Billboard this week.  That’s up from 27 million in June, but is still outpaced by Spotify which grew from 50 million paid subscribers in March to 60 Million as of July. Total Spotify active users (freemium and paid) […]

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YouTube Adds Restrictions To External Links In Videos


YouTube no longer allows creators to add external links unless they are part of its official YouTube Partner program. The change, apparently made to curb outward linking abuse, is a blow to musicians just starting to build their channel following. It also affects creators who prefer to have no ads on their channel, or who […]

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Guide To Livestreaming Your Concert or Event On YouTube


With live video now functioning as an established and important component of event marketing, more attendees now expect livestreaming to be available at major functions, and platforms like YouTube Live make it easy to do –  especially with a little help from us. Guest post by Rachel Grate of Eventbrite Live video has truly come into its own […]

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New Spotify Songwriter Lawsuits, Legal Filings Threaten Streaming Driven Music Industry Recovery


The recorded music industry is in the midst of a renaissance thanks to revenue from a single source – streaming. But a growing string of lawsuits filed by songwriters and publishers, and an aggressive new legal tactic by Spotify, threatens the company’s pending IPO and could derail the industry’s delicate recovery. Over the last year, […]

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Facebook Offering Labels, Publishers “Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars” For Music Rights


Facebook is offering major record labels and music publishers millions of dollars for limited rights to their catalog, according to a new report. The offer comes alongside efforts by the social network to create its own content ID system and ongoing licensing talks with music industry. Guest Post Via Hypebot Facebook is offering major record […]

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Spotify For Artists Adds Multiple Logins, Access Levels For Team Members


Artists have teams, even if it’s just other band members, they need access to their Spotify For Artists account and data. Last week the top music streamer made that much easier to manage, adding multiple logins and three levels of user access. Spotify For Artists’s Justin Belmont shares how Team Access works: To get started, […]