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Music Entrepreneurship: Facebook Best Practices, Tips & Tricks For 2017


Facebook Best Practices, Tips & Tricks For 2017 At two billion monthly users, Facebook remains the largest social app with regard to logged in users, and therefore stands as an important marketing tool for artists when it comes to connecting with fans and promoting their music. Here we look at some of the Facebook marketing […]

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Got Gear And Skills? 8 Ways Musicians Can Make Money With Them [INFOGRAPHIC]


This infographic originally appeared on the Home Studio Maven blog. If you haven’t made it big with your music yet but you’ve picked up some gear and some skills why not put them to other uses? Using the resources you already have you could create an additional income stream. Sure, it will take a bit of extra […]

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Pandora has three numbers that should be music to your ears: $40 million, 76 million and 1 billion.

Guest post by Pandora’s Glenn Peoples on Medium Artist Marketing Platform is the best artist tool of any streaming service. Period. Wait, remove that period. Pandora just announced some new features. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, goes the saying, but it doesn’t always apply to a streaming service’s artist tools. Just as Pandora rolled […]