Monday Music Business Mindset

Monday Music Business Mindset

Don’t give up what you really want for what you want right now.

Make big-picture, career-growing, life-fulfilling, purposeful choices... especially when you’re tempted to take shortcuts.

You and your dream are worth it!

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Michael Pickering, M.A., Music Business, ACUE 


Michael Pickering, President and Chief Creative Officer of Lionsong Entertainment, Inc., and former Director and founder of the Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship program at the Community College of Aurora, is a creative leader, entrepreneur, educator, and musician. He holds a Master of Arts in Music Business Degree and a B.P.S. in Interdisciplinary Music Studies Degree from the Berklee College of Music. He has served on the boards of local arts and entertainment organizations, authored post-secondary music curricula, and spoken at many local and national music industry events. He also provides music and entertainment business and performance consulting services ( Michael and his wife, Amy Pickering, remain active as national headline music and clean comedy performing artists for corporate, theatrical, educational, outreach, cruise, and private clients worldwide —

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