Sir Paul McCartney's Life to be Turned Into Documentary

Sir Paul McCartney's Life to be Turned Into Documentary

I admit it. When it comes to the life, music, and times of Sir Paul McCartney, I am a fanboy! Few have had a global and lasting impact with their music as has the formal Beatle. Now in his 70's, Sir Paul continues to create, perform, and inspire music lovers and musicians around the world. In fact, I just enjoyed listening to his latest album, "Egypt Station" (for about the one-hundredth time) on my flight home to Denver after performing a concert with my wife in Baltimore this weekend. Cheers to you, Sir Paul! May you and your music outlive us all!

Guest post by William Cole For Mailonline

He is one of the most iconic figures in music with a career spanning six decades. 

And Sir Paul McCartney is to have his life turned into a documentary that has been 12 years in the making. 

The Beatles legend, 77, who is still actively touring, will have his headline performance at this year's Glastonbury Festival captured by filmmaker Charlie Lightening as part of the upcoming film. 

'I've worked with Paul McCartney for 12 years and I followed him. I am still working with him, it's not finished. I'll be with him at Glastonbury,' project director Charlie said at the NMEs this week.

The film, which does not yet have a release date, includes interviews with the man himself and will look to cover Paul's decade in the Beatles, his second band Wings, and his subsequent solo career. 

'He's helped me with what I do and I adore him. He's trusted me and to have someone like that to see up close and work with – that's inspiring, it makes you better at what you are, it makes you want to be better.'

Sir Paul is considered one of the most successful songwriters and performers of all time, writing or co-writing 32 songs that reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

His song Yesterday is believed to be the most covered track in history, with over 1,600 recordings. 

And since leaving The Beatles - and later Wings - the rock veteran has had an accomplished solo career, performing almost 1,000 shows.

His appearance on Glastonbury's pyramid stage in June, following a headline performance in 2004, is expected to finalize the footage needed for Charlie's project.

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