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Finding Your Passion  

If you struggle with the question, "What are you passionate about?" you're in much better (and much bigger) company than you probably realize. 

When I was younger, I thought I was passionate about a lot of things – music, movies, faith, girls, Star Trek... 

But in reality what I was truly passionate about was just feelingpassionate. Once the flame died, on to the next fire I'd move. 

It's tempting to rely on Hollywood's romantic formula for defining what it means to be passionate about something (or someone).  

And because I did this for so long, even now, when I am alone with my thoughts considering the question, "What am I passionate about?", I can still struggle to provide an answer. 

Because the Hollywood formula is both backwards and incomplete. 

"Dear world, offer me something I’m passionate about and I’ll show up with all of my energy, effort and care!" 

Where's the commitment? It's easy to show up, but without commitment it's equally as easy to walk away. Because nothing is good enough to earn your passion before you do it. Perhaps, in concept, it’s worthy, but as soon as you closely examine the details, the benefits... and the pitfalls, it’s easy to decide it’s better to wait for a better offer. Or if you already jumped in with both feet, once your feet begin to ache (or wonder) to run off after something else. 

Passion and commitment are inseparable. 

But what if you reverse and complete the formula? 

"Dear world, offer me a chance to contribute, and I’ll commit to work on it, with focus, and once I begin to make progress, I’ll become passionate about it!" 

Committed activity – before passion – measures our craft and calling in terms of contribution, not in a romanticized notion of perfection. Passion comes from feeling needed, from approaching mastery, from doing work that matters. 

To find your passion, commit yourself to doing work that matters. Contribute to the best interest of someone and something else. And feel the rush of being needed, wanted, and trusted. 

But I Don't Know How! 

But I don't know how!

Four words that never enter a child's mind before attempting, well... anything!

At least that's how it is with my young daughters. Oh, they can do anything,,, EVERYTHING... at least in their mind's eye. 

And then, in time, they do it before my eyes.

And the joy this brings... inspires me to be better.

Do they fail along the way? All the time! Does it matter to them? Maybe. But it rarely stops them from trying.

What about you?

This thing in your mind's eye? Do you know how to make it happen?

It doesn't really matter, does it?

Because we know that what matters...

is trying,

and failing,

and learning,

and growing.

It's not that you don't know how to do this thing in your mind's eye.

It's that you simply don't know how, YET.

But you will.

And when you do...

The joy YOU bring will inspire the rest of us to be better too. 





Feeling Inadequate?  

Along our journey, maturing adults get tired of the feeling that accompanies growth and learning.

We start calling that feeling, “inadequacy.” 

We’re not good at the new social media platform, we balk at considering a new way to problem solve, we never did bother to learn to play piano… 

Not because we don’t want the results, but because the journey will be difficult. Difficult in the sense that we’ll feel inadequate… 

Which accompanies all gain. 

1. First we believe something can be done. 

2. Then we believe we can’t do it. 

3. And finally, we get better at it. 

It’s the second step that jacks us up. 

If you care enough to make a difference, if you care enough to get better — you should care enough to experience inadequacy again.

Are You Ready To Make A Living Making Music? 

For most of us, making a full-time living making music is the goal. But in order to achieve this, it is essential to identify whether or not you're on the right track.

As an exercise, think for a moment about why you're not currently making a full-time living making music...

  • Do you know how to make a full-time living making music?
  • Do you understand the different income streams available to you?
  • Are you building and nurturing a growing community of fans and followers?
  • Are you marketing effectively?
  • Do you have clarity about to whom you should be marketing and how?

Consider why you may not be making a full-time living making music (YET) and share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to hear your thoughts and offer any helpful suggestions I can.