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Is Bandcamp the Future Model For Independent Artists? 

Is Bandcamp the Future Model For Independent Artists?

Bandcamp Sales Top $20M In Last 30 Days 

Guest Post by Bruce Houghton

Bandcamp has sold more than $20 million in good for independent artists and labels in the 30 days prior to July 10th. 

The news comes in a new Financial Times profile of the indie music direct to fan platform. 

Launched in 2007, Bandcamp had “such a slow burn and looked old compared with streaming for a long time – now it suddenly looks like the model of the future,”  says MIDiA analyst Keith Jopling in the piece. 

“Bandcamp could grow 200 percent a year and still be considered niche, ” he continued adding, “the future for artist marketplaces is beginning to look good.” 

Bandcamp typically takes a 15% cut of sales, compared to about 30% at iTunes and Amazon.